Wolfpops was created with a fundamental set of beliefs at its heart, that good food should:

be delicious

 be locally produced

  be natural


 bring people together

Every day we look for ways to act on these beliefs by developing delicious flavors, sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible, and making sure we only use wholesome, simple, and high-quality ingredients.  We also work hard to create food experiences that bring people together. 


Giving Back to Sac

Doing Good is Part of our DNA

We love Sacramento - it's our home and no matter how big our business grows we'll always remember our roots. Sacramento is seeing some exciting changes and incredible growth is carrying many of us to success. 


Yet our community faces challenges and too many of us do not live with the comfort or opportunities that this amazing city has to offer.  At Wolfpops we believe that it's important for us to give back to the community that gives us our success, so from day one we are building our Wolfpops giving programs to meet the needs of our community, one pop at a time.

Wolfpops for Kids 

In Sacramento 24% of kids are food insecure, meaning they don't know where there next meal is coming from.  At Wolfpops we want to do our part to change that sad reality.

That's why, beginning in the 2019 school year, Wolfpops will work with schools and after school programs in under-served communities across Sacramento to provide free fruity fresh pops to the kids that need them.  These pops are natural and made from real fruit, delivering healthy foods that may be missing from their diets in a fun and delicious package.  

And more...


Do you have an idea for how we can help the community?  Is there a challenge you think we can help tackle?  Are you looking for partners to make the world better?  Let us know at info@wolfpops.com - we're always looking for ways to help make our community better.



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